The Experience of Belgium

Relaxed, steady and delicious Beer

Belgian Beer Brewers produce fabulous beers.   They are often strong and are utterly delicious.  They demand to be drunk with respect as anyone who has spent an evening in a Belgian bar knows.  This produces a relaxed and steady drinking experience not found elsewhere...except when you're at Oxbrew Witney where you you will be able to drink Belgian beer in a congenial, friendly atmosphere early in the New Year.

We will be buying beers from Belgiun to sell in the bar and from the off-sales-shelf in early 2020.  There will also be a local delivery service to bring your beers to your door. 

Also there will be glasses and other products from Belgium (CHOCOLATE) which you may find useful as gift ideas.

Coming SOON....

Belgium Beer Night

We will shortly be having a Belgian Beer Night at Oxbrew Witney with a special buffet for invited guests.

Come and enjoy an evening of tasting and drinking and eating in our congenial bar which for the night will be turned over to the Belian Beer Experience.