Welcome to Ypres

Clean, calm well-ordered streets define Ypres.  As a destination it is beautiful and welcoming.

We intend to organise some visits for those interested in the Belgian Beer Scene.  

Get in the mini-bus at the bar (probably with people you already know) and be driven to Ypres where you can enjoy all it has to offer,albeit


The Wool Hall

Ypres was completely destroyed by the hostilities but was entirely rebuilt with great effort and sensitivity.  Walking around the town you could be excused for thinking some of the buildings are hundreds of years old, yet they were all constructed post 1918.

Have a great time in Ypres

The Menin Gate

Ypres is not only brilliant beer drinking, there is a profound history attached.  Every night at 8 o'clock since the end of the First World War, the 'Last Post' has be played in Ypres.  The Menin Gate hosts the event every night and is well attended -